Hp's Slimline Pavilion s7600c has a most important assistance finished abovementioned incarnations of HP's small-form-factor design: a dual-core CPU. Thanks to AMD's new queue of energy-efficient Athlon 64 X2 chips, HP can now run beside the Mac Mini as a powerful, feature-rich small PC. The Mac Mini has a scope and deep advantage; it's twice as small, and its wipe up lines cut a finer profile. But what the Pavilion Slimline sacrifices in space-savings and bully looks, it gains in practicality and dramatization. It's besides smaller number overpriced. Although our revaluation config cost $975, once you equilibrium out the glasses to ignitor those of the 1.83GHz Mac Mini Core Duo, the Slimline gets the win. If you're looking for an affordable, impacted machine to meet every day tasks, as good as one that might be able to perform every home-theater duties, we suggest the Pavilion Slimline s7600e as the best on the edge association we've seen.

The justification we suchlike the Slimline so much is because of its features. In near both aspect, it beat generation the Mac Mini, its principal race. For middle hardware, the config HP sent us came next to a 2.0GHz AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800 processor; 1GB of 533MHz DDR2 SDRAM; and a 250GB, 7,200rpm problematic driving force. Those features, among others (which we'll get to), are all upgrades to the midpoint Slimline PC config and transport the $450 postrebate underneath charge up to our re-examination unit's $975. To get the Mac Mini as close set as it can to those specs, you'd have to pay $1,075, and the tough propulsion would inactive be only 160GB, or 90GB less important than our HP's. You could even dial the Mac Mini to $1,152 if you add an Apple rodent and keyboard, which would be fair, since the HP comes next to its own input disposition.

Both the Slimline s7600e and the 1.83GHz Mac Mini come through next to DVD burners, though our check unit of measurement was the LightScribe archetype (a $40 side terminated the mean DVD burner), which can score black-and-white descriptions onto the aboveground of a disk. We don't breakthrough LightScribe all that exciting, mostly because it's slow, but we're assured quite a lot of population like-minded it. What we know more than is the HP's wireless networking fitness. It's a $25 constituent here, whereas next to the Mac Mini it comes banner. That fact is division of what makes these trifling PCs so surroundings entertainment-friendly. It's user-friendly to conjure draw them up to your small screen and to pirouette films and music and demonstration photos. The HP lets you do that with Windows Media Center, and the Mac Mini near Apple's Front Row code.

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HP likewise has the crest in other than features, but this is in fragment due to its pattern. When you go large on the case, you can do much. For example, the Slimline has a 9-in-1 media paper student for user-friendly digital media transfers from cameras and opposite disposition. The Mac Mini requires you to bung your tendency in directly, because it doesn't have internal universe to meet a media paper driving force. We as well queer Apple doesn't privation to disquiet the Mini's clean-lined out-of-door.

We're smaller number assured why the Mac Mini doesn't have a TV tuner. WinBook proved that it's viable to fit a trained worker in a tiny proceeding next to its Jiv Mini. HP's Slimline has one by way of its half-height PCI enlargement spatial relation. We don't admiration PC-based TV showing because of the underprivileged mental image quality, and if you had one of these stunted PCs tied to your TV, you wouldn't call for a skilled worker at least. What we resembling nearly the HP more than than the piano tuner itself is the PCI position that lets you add a card in the preliminary plop.

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