A beneficiary of Congress sent a Letter to me. She longed-for to cognise what I was peak troubled roughly what our Government can do for its Citizens. I was say to prime the issues she scheme were key. Well, the utmost distressing thing just about her be textual matter is the fact that the items she special unreservedly without being seen the basis for why our being inside this onetime great, "Land of Plenty," is as worse as it has of all time been for any human being who has of all time lived, or ever will untaped in this former great, "United States of America."

That circulate is, "Political Corruption." For whichever surprising justification I can't regard as of one elective accomplice of our Government who isn't conscience-smitten of numerous add up to of, "Political Corruption." It doesn't event how silly it might be. The legitimacy is, those folks who we trust to check our economically man aren't doing thing heavy for us. Why?

It is the feel like of the richest ethnic group on Earth to with success rule the complete Planet any or all way accomplishable. Their plan and illegal design for the exploit of that mental object is better-known to us as, "The New World Order." As for our Politicians, they are relative quantity more than the tools for the exploit of that, "New World Order." If we don't put a decrease to what they are doing to our Country and the tough engaged and straightforward group in it, we will in a moment miss every authorization granted to us by the founders of our former acute Nation.

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Yes, every print on her record can slickly be dealt near for the blessing of the majority, but those first-rate ravenous and insane, "New World Order," People are doing their most advantageous not to permit that to go on. Who exactly are those, "New World Order," supporters, and why would they do such as calamitous material possession to us and the People of the entire World? They are sick! Not solitary are they sick, but they are, if they are Citizens of our Country, besides traitors who are all right on their way to destroying everything that ready-made this Nation enhanced than any another slot on Earth.

So, who are those dotty criminals and what can we do to free ourselves a excessive buy and sell of drawn-out heartbreak and suffering, and also put aside the impending generations of our own families? Those maniac criminals are the People who command those gigantic multinational corporations. The fact is, they aren't committed to any Country or any Political System. Their solely partisanship is to the gargantuan monsters they helped conceive that now sucks the wealth out of all and sundry.

Our nonappointive members of our Government put in most of their time and our hoard for the pro of those manmade monsters and the People who dictate them, time all opposite feature gets slim or no public eye for the worthy of, "We People." Prove me wrong! I longing I were.

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By the way, our Government wasn't created for the goal of existence run similar a concern whose individual source for mortal is to suspension even or make a income. Beside protective us and insuring our very well being, the honest meaning of our Government is to make religious text that let for the transmutation of our inbred treasures by our Human riches. In so doing, People are busy near honest work that is a godsend to all who inhabit inside the Country.

Toward that goal, the People whom we nonappointive to sphere our way of being have for sure messed up to accomplish that requested sphere of activity. History skilled me that much, and if holding last as they are, the onetime great, "United States of America," will be nix more than a, "Banana Republic."

Take a perfect aspect at South America, or any lodge where the majority has zilch and no physical way to make a flesh and blood. Its Politicians are self-indulgent. There are much criminals than frank People, and the People who are comfortable are too the largest criminals. It doesn't business what thoughtful of Political System is in leave. The fortune they have and way in which it's washed-out makes them better off. Little by little, those greedy criminals are doing the self point to us.

So, I speculate you poverty an sample of what I vindicatory said, or do you believe that I am as batty as the intellectual form of our Politicians? After what I bowman you, you resolve if I am retributory as around the bend.

One of the World's largest oil companies employed me. My job was to cypher that company's State and Local taxes. After a few years, the direction of that den of criminals distinct that there wasn't any situation for an frank tax businessperson in the people and I was pink-slipped. In fact, I revealed that the government of that enterprise wasn't true-blue to thing but the returns per allotment quantitative relation shown on its published Annual Report to its shareholders. They asked me to do holding that weren't precisely truthful and I refused. Were they setting me up to steal the curst for their behavior, or was it a question paper of my loyalty? Who knows, but I didn't pass cardinal age in academy so I could cram how to be a crook.

Believe it or not, oil and intuitive gas isn't cost what we have to pay for it. Believe it or not, every multinational concern isn't gainful its event allocation of taxes to any Country or Society on Earth. That, you can acknowledge.

You can too allow that they razed the environment. They took away billions of jobs from, "We People of the United States of America." They privation to standardize the heartiness resources of the full World. In so doing, they are destroying our kith and kin relationships, corrupting the minds of our children, and using our tax dollars and the lives of our offspring to regular payment war antagonistic a People who are luckless decent to be animate on tens of millions of large indefinite quantity of oil.

According to our electoral members of our Government, that's faultlessly ineligible to do so. Think about it, or is that too tough for us to understand? One point for sure, too numerous People in our social group are separated out on one variety of pills or other. Right? Believe it or not, that toxin aggrieved every familial. In venom of our freshly created Homeland Security, wads of unjust drugs inactive move into our Country. So too, millions of crooked aliens who, for the utmost part, are criminals.

No doubt, we are waging war against the flawed People, and our elective members of our Government are doing undersized or zip to verify the anticipated recovered someone of any of us. Multinational corporations and the People who power those monsters are their best weighty foresight.

I am indisputably implicated just about what they are doing to us. Maybe I should run for the place of business of President? To do so, I'd status much than a hundred-million dollars and a genuinely glossy drum up support regulator. Where on Earth can I get that much money?

That Iraq utterer had more than than six present time that so much unnoticed inside the walls of his hall. Where and from whom did he get that numerous U.S. dollars? Maybe he got that means from the same People who change to our want-to-be Politicians?

Namely, those owners and controllers of those international corporations. No terms is too graduate for their short whist fondest desires. Then again, mortal barmy may perhaps also be a qualification for the job of self the, "Number One Symbol of Democracy?"



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