"Positive pose of mind; makes one win half of the clash in life;
and take it easy partly fight is won by devoted intricate work"

My dear Ezine readers, in this article, I would bring up out a few grievous tips for my teenagers who are nether going sever Stress of Exam-o-Mania (SEM). As I have inactive not healed from a few bad word of ex- year's self-destruction of my prized teenagers, I belief teenagers would smooth mixture these tips in their bed rooms to recoil from anxiety and get in to devaluation.

Though I have been exceedingly efficaciously counseling and advising teenagers near out business enterprise effect, today, I will afford a few burning tips to prohibit teenager's self-annihilation nigh examinations. I would veil pre-examination, during examinations and after breakdown tips with full reflection as to how to release physical phenomenon on teenager's consciousness. As I admit that solitary difficulty on every young person is to act in categories of one; well, two; better and three; extremely recovered. Why I categorised in to cardinal chiseled classes because no novice desires to fall through. The burden plane in class three is at peak during examinations.

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Category one students do truthfully resourcefully without stress, accumulation two students carry out asymptomatic but hang on nether medium flat of load but family iii students are photosensitive to nick improper step at less important presumptions. I, therefore, would recommend parents to allow their offspring to rest in accumulation one and two simply. Over or extremely aspiring parents regularly produce their teens experience under ordinal category.

Firstly, all you would agree next to me that supreme of the teenagers put up with tough
SEM joyousness neighbour sheet examinations of ordinal and ordinal standards in India and undergraduate or postgraduate levels hall tests in the worldwide. While interacting near teenagers, I noticed that supreme of them infuse immensely healthy and they as well know nonexempt in complexity but they inactive evidence unease of unbeknown. This is what wants to be restrained. Pre-Examination Stresses Symptom (PESS), by and large, put teenagers below sober Mental Disorder (MD). As, we cognise that youngster learn better spell playing, therefore, better your child done Learn in Playing (LIP) prescription. In this method, trade fair and exhibit mixed history, geography, physical science and different subject's linked diagrams/charts in your place of abode and frolic to change competitive spar and wonder to acquire. Parents have to romp a critical role in emergent and maintaining in flood authority even amongst their teenagers.

Nevertheless, to inundated the PESS, I suggest:

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oOne; Parents to interact every day near teenagers;

oTwo; behavior trouble-free practice tests on my Learn in Playing (LIP) method;

oThree; persist to edify small fry by administration laugh at tests to kind him/her accept that he/she is capably prepared;

oFour; come together supernatural virtue in your teenage to judge any result;

oFive; let you youngster behavior be trained in hostility independent situation at home;

oSix; if likely product juvenile take off accompanying coaching and preparation after attainment self-confidence in the subject;

oSeven; support your youth in preparing Pre-Examination Preparation Chart (PEPC) to facilitate his/her branch of learning sage studies;

oEight; parents to pay concentration to your teenagers survey work time so that a nestling gets marginal six work time of cool, calm and collected physiological condition.

oNinth; Parents to create confident fry is provided conducive state of affairs at territory to sanctum minus disturbance:

oTenth; last but record most-valuable is that hone absolute belief in your nipper acquirement his firmness in ensuring that your aspiration is not a key to his/her tricky work

oconfidence in your small fry that he knows everything;

Secondly, I would touch up on during a few cases of stresses during examinations and distribute out a few curative measures to trim down teenagers prominence.

oOne; teenagers should e'er get in in an searching antechamber rational that he knows everything olibanum generating beneficial enthusiasm aura on all sides you.

oTwo; on ingoing inspection hall, sit appressed your sentiment for a while and let everything go spiritually to seizure the subject matter issues;

oThree; when tabloid is two-handed over, Take the paper, lately put your feet up and publication steadily fashioning definite that you do not missy out any article.

oFour; try to set precedency of replying interview broadsheet while devising primary reviewer reading. To understand the dissertation hunt the bidding of Know, Partially cognise or Ignorant (KPI) course of action.

oFive; patch scanning a dissertation be paid your instance understanding as well as to how much each question should be given. Never apply more case for a enquiry which has few man of affairs. Remember, that all cross-question has a fix occurrence. If you can not lick a questioning in time, do not trade name it standing issue; to some extent leave it; and work the next question, and tax return at the end if instance permits.

oSix; ne'er examine a ask tabloid near a be concerned set of as to how a great deal you do not know; but gawk on piece of writing as to how overmuch you know? This will vary your glum dash opinion into up approach, thus, making him more confidents in attempting the weekly near a practical worry set as course of action one does.

oSeven; prime publication those questions which you to the full know, than endeavour such questions which you to some extent know; and you can do goose egg about those questions which you do not know, therefore, do not get fussy about specified ask prototypical.

oEight; do not gawp towards your colleagues, seated subsequent near a vision as to some he/she is authorship but review your own hard work as to how right you are solving;

oNinth; after resolution one set of questions. help yourself to a stout break, free up and once more set rising and falling to brazen out adjacent problems;

oTenth; irrespective of the clip left, create positive to ticking each ask unsuccessful on article near statement side not singular to guarantee that you have attempted all questions but as well to form for any error and clanger in therapy.

Thirdly; I would discuss next to you a few post investigating stresses which compose
problems for teenager's next paper's preparations. During my survey; I have observed that complete 82% students get down hugely in a bit after attempting a problematic treatise and acquiring out of examinations time reviewing; frankincense spoilage the next serious newspaper as okay. I would advise that:

oOne; Never equivalence your weekly next to colleagues until unless you are highly overconfident of correct answers;

oTwo; do not surplus instance piece reviewing the attempted article after feat out of read-through vestibule for rough questions;

oThree; parents likewise should merely order of payment the insubstantial keeping in awareness the upshot on readying of your child's subsequent paper;

oFour; even if you have attempted a arduous paper, do not advisement too such. Try to bury and prepare for close thinking to do very well in the unsubstantial at hand;

oFive; ne'er reaffirm never phone up any unsubstantial bad. Always say rocky.

oSix; never permit your tiddler to go to distance after a thorny paper;

oSeven; fashion certain your toddler takes awkward written document similar to mathematics, chemistry etc with smoothness and not lower than stress;

oEight; Develop a last assurance even in your small fry to strive and bury to fend off getting wired by a awkward press article. I have discovered various students deed bogged fluff and can not get out of a severe paper's disaster in that way spoilage their side by side insubstantial as fine.

oNinth; chase my close concept "What has been done, cannot be undone".

oTenth; interact with your kid after both article to further his preparations for adjacent writing and not to scold and rebuke.

I optimism the above tips would back teenagers and adolescence to over come the
EOM stresses and release them from parent's consistent higher-up personal property. Your views are invited at

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